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A Struggle to Stay Conscious

Image of A Struggle to Stay Conscious


Milo writes about the hard shit. Trauma, mental illness, ED, gender and survival. Not always hopeful, but never hopeless.
#3 To-do lists, Pancakes the dog, BPD, dreams. half sized, 28 pages.

#5 Misogyny, dissociation, yarrow, learning to trust their experiences. quarter sized, 16 pages.

#7 Name changing, becoming a licensed cosmetologist, new romance, ableism and crazy-shaming at 12 step meetings. quarter sized, 16 pages.

#9 Notes from Writing for Critical Consciousness, a workshop held by Cindy Crabb, new goals for therapy, romance!, a tarot reading, eating disorder, taking mushrooms, meds, rape call out. half sized, 40 pages.