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We launched our first book, Mend My Dress, four years ago on Valentines day, 2012, and are thrilled with all we've been able to do in the last four years. So, for our 4th anniversary, we're offering some of the zines in stock at up to %50 off. Thank you for your support, we couldn't have done it without you!

Good to Know
Interviews with artists from around the world on how they function as artists

A fictional story where, in a not-too-distant future, abortion is made illegal in the United States. "Characters, Dialogue and conflict including opinions, memories, and strategic planning filled with hope, disappointment and inspiration."

Queer Scribes
"From June 2012 until September 2013, I traveled to 15 countries and made zines by collaborating with the queer artist/activist communities I engaged with. As a self-published and low-budget medium, zines are a powerful way to record and share the stories and creativity of people not represented in mainstream media. Specifically, I hope that the zines will help local queer artist/activist communities gain recognition around the world and that the overlaps in their stories, art, experiences, and wisdoms can be shared."

Shoes Fanzine
#6: Writings by people at the Purple Thistle Center, a youth arts and activism center in Vancouver. #7: A zine of interviews with people who live and work in Vancouver's east side.

Stop Touching That
A comic about a first-year teacher in Harlem

Stunned Lungs #2
Poems about Jellyfish, relationships ending and bruises.

Also for sale:
Functionally Ill
Suicide Notes
Damaged Mentality
Butch nor femme
Pedal Pusher
17 weddings
High on Burning photos
Cheer the Eff #3