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Deafula is a rad zine about a girl and her deafness. Issues sold separately.

This issue is an introduction to how the author lost her hearing, where she fits in on the deafness spectrum and in the Deaf community, and a helpful list on how to communicate well with any deaf people you might meet.

Quarter-letter sized, 24 pages, B&W.

This issue covers health insurance, and how audiologist visits and hearing aids are never covered by insurance and must be paid for out of pocket by deaf/hard of hearing folks. explores why this might be, and the authors own personal experience with not having insurance coverage for hearing related health costs.

Quarter-letter sized, 24 pages, B&W.

The employment issue. This issue is all about how the authors hearing loss has related to her ability to get a job. stuff about ssdi, ada compliance, and the ways in which being deaf has affected job searching and holding down a job.

Quarter-legal sized, 40 pages, B&W.

"Interview with my Mother." This issue is an interview on what it's like to be a hearing parent raising a deaf child, in the time before the ADA existed, before there was a such thing as an IEP, before institutional or medical guidance really existed, where the only advice the doctor gave her was "well, just try to teach her how to speak."

Quarter-letter sized, 40 pages, B&W with block printed cover