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Magical Atmosphere Sprays by Neelybat



Made with basil, rosemary, white juniper, white patchouli essential oils and red clover flower essence. To be used as an atmosphere spray, when and where ever you need strong boundaries.
Havdalah Spray
My family is a confusing mix of known and unknown, doubt and certainty. It’s a lot of reading between the lines-noticing what is NOT there just as much as what is. Simply, I know my mother’s line is Jewish, and that her genetic background is North African and Eastern European. And though I was not raised as a practicing Jew-it is my spiritual calling I’ve been working on ‘being’ Jewish, meaning doing Jewish things with purpose on a daily basis for almost two years now, and it feels good. One of the parts of the weekly cycle is the ritual of Havdalah -the closing of the sabbath. Typically it includes smelling a small box of spices, and those spices used vary depending on where is the world it is created. I created a blend that includes a few of the most widely used spices and a few that are distinctive to my family and my current place in the diaspora. Myrtle, Black poplar, Moroccan rose, etc. I also use this spray when ending spell work, involved tarot readings and long meditation. I’m offering it to you, dear friends-especially those of you who are practicing Jews, and practicing Witches. This is also for those of you who have Jewish history but who’s threads to tradition are frayed. It is also for respectful Goyim.