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Mend My Dress (new, single issues)


Neelybat Chestnut's most recent zines. They read as part newsletter, part journal entry, and part letter to a dear friend. Issues sold separately.

#10 includes four single page sections:
Neely writes about working towards having a stable life, traveling and falling in love with Los Angeles and what it would potentially mean to take a chance on a new city.
Extreme depressive episode due to loneliness. How depression and self harm are a part of life. A list of reasons to keep on living.
Going back to therapy, writing a new book, PTSD.
A Neelybat news-brief, includes wishes for fall.

#11 In the eleventh issue of Mend My Dress, Neelybat tells stories of the places she’s traveled in the last year, and the projects she’s worked on. While dealing with the stress of working a full-time day job, running a publishing press, keeping a relationship & a home together, taking care of her animals, and partying, Neelybat packs her bags and flies to Iceland, a place she’s fallen in love with. With her, she brings a good luck charm, a new notebook, and a passport with her new change of name.

“My life is not lived here,” she writes. “It is in my mailbox and on the internet.” Each trip she takes, to another city or another country, acts as an escape from her daily life and an attempt to live a dream. Mend My Dress, while melancholy at times, also contains beauty and hope.

#11 is quarter letter-sized, 24-pages, B&W.

#12 Poland- a cute love story about falling for a glam rock boy. spending the summer together and a visit to his homeland. Neely dares herself to write something positive.

#13 What happens when the male, self-appointed champions of feminism and safe spaces in our community betray the very survivors they claim to defend? This issue of MEND MY DRESS chronicles an incident at a reading, a triggering correspondence afterwards, and the failed accountability process that unfolded as a result. full-sized, 16 pages. Text heavy.

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