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Pansy #8
Amazing collage layouts and hand lettering always accompany Laura's stories about struggling with her eating disorder, loneliness and isolation, hard drugs, getting sober and staying sober for a year and a half.

40 pages 7x8.5" size

Pansy #9
Sections include roomates, being alone, Ana, relapsing. Laura writes with humor and sadness, about the truths of life. Far away friends and the people physically close.

40 pages 7x8.5" size

Pansy #10
Moving away from Canada, going to Chicago Zine Fest, eating disorders, remembering an abusive relationship.

36 pages 7x8.5 size

Pansy #11
The never ending feeling of doom, adjusting to life in New Orleans, lists of positive things.
40 pages 7x8.5 size

Pansy #12
Anxiety about zine fests, musings on "zine community", BPD. a lot of amazing embroidery.
32 pages 7x8.5 size