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Sarah Sawyers-Lovett's Two books!

Image of Sarah Sawyers-Lovett's Two books!


We are offering both of Sarah's books at a special price. Separately they are $12 and $13 respectively, If you buy them together it's only $20.

Everybody Else's Girl
Set in Tazewell, Virginia, a town whose wholesome storefronts and country charm hide an undercurrent of poverty and lawlessness, Everybody Else's Girl tells the story of growing up poor amid unspeakable violence. Broken-down trailer parks and gritty classrooms provide the background for this story of a girl searching for her voice. Trigger Warning - This book deals with heavy subject matter, such as addiction, sexual abuse, and violence. Please read with care.
138 pages.

Retrospect: A Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric Zinethology
Selections from Sarah Sawyers-Lovett’s long-running zine, 'Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric', have been collected and showcased in this paperback book. In between the covers lay stories of growing up poor, queer and lonely in a conservative small town in Virginia, building and losing communities and friendships,loss, abusive relationships, survival, balloon artistry, and finding hope and love. Picking up where Sawyers-Lovett left off with her first autobiographical novel 'Everybody Else’s Girl', her poetic voice and raw honesty will continue to let you witness the breaking apart of life, and will dare you to watch as she puts the pieces back together.
174 pages