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Skinned Heart

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Skinned Heart Zine is a Personal Political Mexicana perspective zine dealing with issues such as mental health, health, abusive relationships, race issues, sexual abuse, and generally living and learning. Issues sold separately.

Numero Seis: Description coming soon

Numero Cinco: (from the author)This zine is a very quick read all about how it feels to deal with mental health at the onset of winter. Not written from a political point of view but more of a stream of consciousness during a rough time. All about dealing with being bi-polar and how it feels to fall apart and attempt to keep it together. Mini collage poster in the middle of the zine.

Numero Quatro: About surviving abusive relationships, feeling disconnected from culture and finding a way back, health issues and healthcare and living in the northwest.

Numero Tres: The power of female friendships and support; fallouts and exploring the causes; sexism and wanting to learn from the collective pain and miscommunications; being a radical feminist in denial of the abusive relationship she was in; the loss of a few white friends; gardening