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Summer Shade

Image of Summer Shade


"Deep in the hills of Southern Kentucky, a group of trans weirdos with magical powers have gathered, building DIY cabins in the woods, tending to herb gardens, and sharing zines, tattoos, feasts, and gossip: Summer Shade.

As the community prepares for their big Equinox party, Alix, a scrappy punk trans girl whose antennae give her glimpses of the sensations and memories of people around her, is on her way there, guided by a sense that at Summer Shade, she’ll be able to be part of something bigger than her own worries and memories and insecurities.

Summer Shade gives us a world where strange and powerful people come together to take care of each other and build a community."
From Lee's Easy Page.

This book is full of characters that I want to be friends with. It actually inspired me to get out of my routine and seek new friendships and work on spiritual and magical projects i’ve Had on my ‘to-do’ list. That’s a lot for a small work of fiction, but I think it speaks to the talent of the author.❤️❤️❤️