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Telegram Single back issues

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Telegram #25 is about feeling good, wanting more than just survival, and creating a daily life that supports & encourages the imaginary/ideal life I really want for myself, and attempts to ask questions and provide ideas for YOU, the creative weirdo who doesn’t quite feel at home or okay or content with life, but wants to find a way. I ask questions like:

What does your ideal daily life look like? What is holding you back from living that life? What kind of art do you make? What is your home like? Do you move a lot? Why? Why not? Do you carry a notebook wherever you go? Where would you like to be one year from now? Five years? What will you do today to bring yourself closer to that place?

Telegram #26

"I asked my friends to ask me questions about anything at all, and their questions led me to all sorts of stories & memories & inspiration. This zine answers some of those questions and tells some of those stories. In Telegram #26, I write about learning how to be honest despite my fears and shyness, dealing with jealousy in the realm of art & writing & creativity, and my various writing processes and the beauty of creating spaces to write as well as venturing out of those spaces to write elsewhere.

I also write about life as a genderqueerdo who also feels left out and invisible, not feeling part of a genderqueer community, but wanting to, and having to give up some of my dreams of girl-friendship & girl-romance & girl gangs. I talk about nightmares I had when I was growing up, the beginning stages of treating my depression & agoraphobia as a teenager, and I talk about my favourite kinds of days and adventures."

💜more descriptions coming soon!💜