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That Girl Zine


Three weeks into my pregnancy I found myself whisked to the emergency room, the first visit of many other visits and many other doctors.

Despite the fact that I was confined to bed for 7 months, my pregnancy was traumatic and unpredictable. I try to capture those few months with humor, insight, and ungracious hostility. I literally mean it when I say "Read it and weep!"

Spoiler alert: Though born premature, the boy makes it through and becomes the love of my life.

56 pages
black and white
with color card stock cover

Subtitled "Skeletons don't have swim lessons," That Girl #14 picks up where #13 left off-- what happened to that beautiful miracle, born too early, after a tumultuous pregnancy? Well, he developed into a nightmare baby who grew into a difficult toddler who made it through the system of early intervention to be diagnosed with autism at age 3.

We navigate our way through a never-ending list of acronyms: EI, ASD, DTT, ABA, SPD, ADHD ASIP, and IEPs. All the while, his mom tries to make friends with other moms, cries through swim lessons, is dismayed by her son's desperate plea for a white picket fence and a mini-van, and drags him to a Chinese New Year parade.

Not just for special needs moms, but for anyone who knows a little wondrous entity who makes them laugh, cry, swell up with intense pride, and suffer through bruising brought on by sensory seeking headbutting.

32 pages
black and white
*descriptions taken from Kelli's etsy page

That Girl #15
Kelli writes about finding "cool" music as a teenager, being in love with the B-52's, Riot grrrl, she compares the beatles to star wars, first kisses, getting called a skin-head by Calvin Jonhson, selling her record collection and hoping some 19 year old girl finds them and they change her life too. Basically, This zine makes you want to be best friends with Kelli. each issue comes with a surprise photo copy or magazine clipping of some totally sweet 90's band.
44 pages Black and white