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The Worst: A Compilation Zine on Grief and Loss


An intense compilation of grief stories. There are few dialogs in radical communities about grief, death and dying. The subject of death causes most people, even radicals who see themselves as great communicators, to freeze up, or nervously change the subject. "The Worst" is attempting to change that, by helping people start a dialog about loss, so that no one has to suffer silently. There are so many different stories in here, about mothers, fathers, partners, and pets, who've died and left a hole in the lives of others. All these different authors have really come up with something that although sad, helps the grieving feel a little less alone.

Screen printed cover, B&W inside. Half legal size, 84 pages.

Features art and writing from 16 contributors (one of them Miss C. Bean, one half of Mend My Dress Press) about their experiences with death and grief.

Themes range from loss of parents, partners, grandparents, and children to friends and community members, and the zine includes a resource list and silk-screened patch with an awesome Audre Lorde quote on it.

Each cover is hand printed. B&W inside. Half-page legal sized. 64 pages.

Features pieces from 22 contributors exploring radical, DIY, activist and community responses to grief and loss. This issue includes submissions exploring loss due to suicide and violence, complicated and disenfranchised grief, loss of siblings, parents, friends, and mentors, and anticipation of a loss during prolonged illness.

Also includes an interview with a social center about their memorial altar, tips for how to write about the tuff stuff, and an updated resource list.

Each cover is hand printed. B&W inside. Half-page legal sized. 64 pages.

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